How Long Will My Windows Remain Clean After Professional Window Cleaning?

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Window Cleaning

Given that our home is our nest and it’s where we spend much of our time, most of us take pride in keeping our house looking its best. So when it comes to windows, how often do they need cleaning to maintain their appearance?

It’s a fair question. Generally when people are considering whether to invest in professional window cleaning, the first thing they want to know is how much it costs, and the second is how long the windows will stay clean afterwards.

While there are several factors that determine exactly how long your windows will stay clean for, we find that the optimal frequency for residential window cleaning is every three months. Let’s take a look at the determining factors for a moment.

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How long will windows stay clean for?

This depends on:

  1. Dirt roads – Do you live on a dirt road (or near dirt roads)? It goes without saying that cars kick up a lot more dust from driving on a dirt road, than they do from asphalt. This dust and residue will inevitably find its way onto your windows.
  2. Construction work – Is there a construction site near your property, or roadside construction work being carried out close-by? If so, you’ll probably find that your windows need cleaning more regularly during this period.
  3. Proximity to pine forests – Pine forests are notorious for unleashing large amounts of pollen, which then drifts through the air and settles on exterior surfaces, like windows! As an example, properties in Ballarat suburbs like Mount Helen, Mount Clear and Canadian as well as areas surrounding Creswick are particularly prone to pollen build-up on window panes. Of course, it’s a small price to pay for living in such beautiful surroundings!
  4. Your household – Who is living in your house? Are you a couple of working professionals with no kids, or are you a family of six with two dogs and a cat? Does your nephew like to press his nose against the windows and make funny faces every time he comes over? The busier the household, the dirtier the windows – or to look at it another way; the more frequently your windows need cleaning to stay looking immaculate.

How often should I get my house windows cleaned?

So, all factors considered, the real answer is: it depends! But there’s a really easy way to find the perfect window cleaning frequency for your home – have them professionally cleaned and then take notice of when they start to fade.

Maybe even set reminders on your phone to take note of how they look in two or four months’ time. Most people also find that the insides remain cleaner for longer than the outsides, so maybe you could alternate, having the insides done every second time around.

The benefit of cleaning your windows every quarter is that it lines up with the seasons. A “spring” clean is good for keeping pollen off the exterior surface of your windows, while summer time presents the brightest days and nicest lighting. In autumn, a clean can help to “extend” the feeling of longer days before they shorten and finally, clean windows are brilliant in winter, for maximizing your household’s exposure to the shorter daylight hours.

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