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No matter it is large or small, inside or outside your home, Ballarat Cleaning Specialists provides professional domestic windowcarpetupholstery, & solar panel cleaning services in Ballarat. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 60 63 40 to enquire about our thorough cleaning service while offering convenience and peace of mind. 

Window Cleaning for Your Home

For many people, few chores around the house are the source of as much frustration as cleaning windows. It takes a lot of time and often, after all of the efforts, you are confronted with pesky streaks that leave you feeling like that time was wasted. However, few things can transform a home like the clear crisp lighting of beautifully cleaned windows. 

Our residential window cleaning service can take this tedious task entirely off your plate and you don’t have to hope for top quality results – they’re guaranteed! As with all of our services, we actually don’t let you pay us until you are happy with the job. 

We have the necessary equipment, training and experience to safely achieve a fantastic streak-free finish on even high or hard to reach windows. 

Our Residential Window Cleaning Packages – A Clean to Suit Your Home

Over our years of experience, we have found that the term “window cleaning” can mean different things to different people. Prospective customers often ask if we will clean the fly screens or whether we clean the window tracks. For this reason, we have developed our domestic window cleaning packages so that when you receive your quote, it will be presented with pricing in the format that you can see below. This means that you can decide which level of service will best meet your needs.


Carpet Cleaning in Your House


Whether it is in preparation to vacate a rental home, in response to a particular spill or simply as part of general maintenance of your home, you will appreciate our experienced carpet cleaning service in Ballarat and all surrounding areas. Serving both aesthetic and practical purposes, your carpets are a valuable asset to your home and need to be properly cared for. Our diligent team of professionals work with the best equipment and techniques to ensure that you get the best possible results. 


We also offer application of a specialised carpet protector which can prevent future spills from becoming permanent stains. If you have kids, pets or friends, then carpet related mishaps are just a matter of time – it’s life! Your home needs to be lived in. But you can prevent future headaches from those mishaps by taking this pre-emptive step.


Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Packages – Which Level of Service Do You Require?


As mentioned above, there are many different circumstances that prompt people to have their carpets cleaned. When vacating a rental house for instance, it wouldn’t make sense to pay extra to apply a carpet protector. So we provide our carpet cleaning quotes in the form of the below packages. 



Upholstery Cleaning in Your Home


Upholstery can be one of the most elusive surfaces to clean within your home. You can easily wipe benches, mop floors or wash bed linen, but upholstery cleaning is not so simple or clear. Both the shape and nature of your furniture’s coverings can make them difficult to regularly maintain. Yet your furniture inherently has lots human contact in its use and will absorb oils as well as dirt. 


Ballarat Cleaning Specialists domestic upholstery cleaning service will not only help to rejuvenate your furniture, but we can also help you to prolong its lifespan by means of our specially formulated fabric protection process. 


Our Residential Upholstery Cleaning Packages – Good, Better, Best


Following the same basic process as our housekeeping carpet cleaning packages with some minor nuance fit for purpose, our upholstery cleaning package options ensure that you are well informed so that you can make the best choice for your needs. 


Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Ballarat

Your solar panels convert light into electricity. So, when the light is partially blocked or diffused by layers of dirt, pollen, lichen or other inhabitants of your solar panels, their effectiveness is reduced. Regular cleaning of your solar panels will result in their consistent performance. Typically, within the Ballarat region, we find that cleaning of solar panels once every 12-24 months is enough. 

Our team is trained and equipped to deal with this task in a competent and safe manner. No chemicals are used in our solar panel cleaning process, the active cleaning agent is either water or highly purified water. As such, there are no issues with any rainwater tanks or water systems that you may have connected with your house gutters. 

Our Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Packages – Tap or Purified?

The advantage of using deionized water for solar panel cleaning is that since that water is so chemically imbalanced, impurities are strongly attracted to it. Thus, the water becomes an even more powerful cleaning agent. Also, after the solar panels are cleaned, the water is used to rinse the panels down and, with purified water this results in a clean sheet of water that, once evaporated, leaves nothing behind. In contrast with normal tap water which would leave behind water markings that may then form the template for the next layers of dust to build on.

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