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About Ballarat Cleaning Specialists

Redefining Customer Service Excellence

We have crafted a customer service experience to ensure that you not only get a top quality clean, but also a first class and stress free solution. We are a small, local, family business who continue to grow because of all of our happy customers. Ballarat is, at its heart, a small town. People rely on word of mouth and we are able to thrive because of all of the lovely referrals that we receive from families that we have serviced.

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Meet the Ballarat Cleaning Specialists Team

Working Together as Customer Service Providers




Ideas Man

Mark mainly works on improving the business to better serve our customers and our team.

Secret Addiction: Melbourne Breakfast by T2 – Like a warm vanilla hug in a mug.



“Follow Through Woman”

Mikayla oversees quality control of Mark’s ideas, ensures that things are getting done and looks after admin and accounts.

Secret Addiction: Cats & babies – not much of a secret, but definitely an addiction.




“Cleaning Specialist”

Elijah works on the frontlines to ensure that the work is done properly and with a smile.

Secret Addiction: Basketball – don’t get him started, we just got him to stop!




“Cleaning Specialist”

Hannah works in the field brightening surfaces and people’s day’s.

Secret Addiction: Dogs – if you have one and Hannah is coming to do your clean, just make sure that you still have it when she leaves!




Laura follows up on jobs completed so that we can run towards, not away from our problems. She also works as an administrator.

Secret Addiction: Other people’s addictions – Tea, cats, babies, dogs… Basketball not so much, but still, stop stealing our addictions Laura!

Why Choose Us?

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists are proud to provide a top quality service to hundreds of individual domestic and commercial customers in the Ballarat area. We don’t just want you to be happy with our service; we want you to be thrilled!

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists offer Professional Window Cleaning, Expert Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning services to the greater Ballarat area.

Our specialty isn’t just cleaning; most importantly it’s redefining customer service excellence. We know that what really counts is good quality service from people who care about the little things too. So we will not only provide you with the best quality clean, but most importantly the highest calibre service.

We’re Weird, But in a Good Way! Here’s How We Are Redefining Customer Service Excellence:

  1. We don’t let you pay us until you are happy with the job. (Seriously, this is how our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee works! More on that below.)
  2. We don’t believe you when you say that you are happy with the job. So we follow up with a quality call just to check! (This is one way that we run towards problems, not away from them. If something isn’t right, then we want to know.)
  3. We scare our customers with our punctuality. We actually arrive when we say that we will. If for some strange reason we are running late, we communicate that to you with as much notice as we can. We respect your time.
  4. We’re not the cheapest and we don’t claim to be. Instead, we offer a premium service experience. You will feel the difference from the moment that we answer the phone until the moment that we complete your high quality clean.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee to leave you 100% satisfied with the finished clean.

Unfortunately, due to their nature, we cannot guarantee the removal of any given stain in carpets or upholstery. We will also not give a refund if

  • The cause of your dissatisfaction is a factor that we had previously identified as inhibiting the quality of the job
  • The claim is unreasonable or seems designed to abuse the guarantee

Aside from these conditions, we will gladly offer to resolve the issue at no extra cost. If we are unable to do so, a full refund will be issued. Simple as that! We are confident in our ability to provide an elite level of service with which all of our customers will be satisfied.

One Step Further

We don’t let you pay us until you have said that you are happy with the job! By taking this extra step, we put you in the driver’s seat of our satisfaction guarantee. We also hold ourselves accountable to run towards problems, not away from them. We do at times require deposits in advance (bookings over $1000) or full payments in advance (cleans related to rental vacates or the sale of a property) but by default, we don’t let you pay us until you say that the job is done.

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists are committed to the highest quality Window, Carpet, Upholstery & Solar Panel Cleaning in Ballarat and its surrounding areas.

If we leave one streak on one window, call us back! We will return with a smile.

Service Areas

We are Ballarat based Cleaners providing elite level customer service to the greater Ballarat region, including Alfredton, Bakery Hill, Black Hill, Ballarat East, Ballarat North, Ballarat Central, Blowhard, Bonshaw, Brown Hill, Bullarook, Bungaree, Buninyong, Bunkers Hill, Burrumbeet, Cambrian Hill, Canadian, Cardigan, Clarkes Hill, Creswick, Daylesford, Delacombe, Dunnstown, Durham Lead, Eureka, Golden Point, Haddon, Invermay, Lake Gardens, Leigh Creek, Lucas, Lake Wendouree, Learmonth, Magpie, Miners Rest, Mitchell Park, Mount Clear, Mount Pleasant, Mount Helen, Mount Rowan, Napoleons, Navigators, Nerrina, Newington, Nintingbool, Pootilla, Redan, Scotsburn, Scotchmans Lead, Smythesdale, Sebastopol, Smythes Creek, Soldiers Hill, Wattle Flat, Warrenheip, Wendouree, and Yendon.

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