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Stop Hard Water Stains from Ruining Your Glass!

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists offer a 3 Year Warranty on all Glass Protection Services

Hard water stains tarnish the aesthetics appeal of glass by forming a cloudy or spotted marking on the glass that cannot be removed in the process of normal cleaning. The most commonly affected glass is:

  • Shower screens
  • Pool Fencing
  • Glass behind aluminium fly screens
  • Windows with aluminium frames
  • Glass exposed to sprinkler systems, especially if bore water is used
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How Can Hard Water Stains be Removed?

The reason hard water can cause stains on glass that will not budge in the face of normal cleaning is that glass is slightly porous. We think of glass as being a smooth, flat surface without any gaps; but under a microscope, we can see that this is not the case. The surface of glass actually has lots of tiny ridges and little spaces in which minerals can be absorbed. Once firmly in place, these minerals are hard to dislodge. Imagine trying to clean an oily pan using only water without detergent to act as a degreaser – it would be hard to remove the film of grease that coats the pan. In the same way, mineral deposits that have settled into the pores of glass require some extra encouragement to come out.

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists use a product called, rather originally, “A1 Hard Water Stain Remover” to assist in removing hard water stains. There are several other products available for this purpose, but we choose the A1 hard water stain remover because we have experienced great results over years of use.

How Can Glass be Protected from Hard Water Stains?

As mentioned, glass is slightly porous. So protecting glass from hard water stains could be likened to:

  • Foundation, used to seal off pores in the skin before makeup is applied; Or
  • Teflon, used to seal and alter the surface of a frying pan to prevent sticking and make cleaning easier

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists firstly ensure that the glass is free of existing hard water stains if there are any. Then, a coating of EnduroShield glass treatment is applied. This treatment acts as a seal to the pores of the glass and changes the surface of the glass, making it resistant to water and oil (hydrophobic and oleophobic) which prevents excess impurities from sitting on the surface of the glass. This results in easier cleaning, better looking glass and, of course, protection from hard water staining. Ballarat Cleaning Specialists offer a 3 year warranty on this glass protection process.

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