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Commercial Window Cleaning for Your Business

There are many benefits to outsourcing the regular cleaning of your windows, not the least of which is keeping your staff involved with what they do best whilst we take care of what we do best. We understand that cleaning in a commercial setting requires certain etiquettes. We endeavour to schedule a time that will cause minimal disruption to your business and we aim to leave the sparkling windows as the only evidence that we were ever even there. 

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists provide window cleaning services for a wide range of facilities including office buildings, cafes, restaurants, retail shopfronts and showrooms. Our team’s professionalism, knowledge and experience combined with the right equipment and training enables us to tackle any job with confidence. 

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Packages – Providing the Right Service for Your Business

As mentioned above, there are various building types that fall under the category of “commercial window cleaning” and within these there are different styles of windows with a spectrum of attributes. So to accommodate this, we have a few different commercial window cleaning package options. 

For cafes, restaurants and retail shop front window cleaning, the below packages apply. These are found by using our online quoting tool and selecting “Commercial Window Cleaning” followed by “Shop Front Window Cleaning”

For office buildings, showrooms or other such facilities, the below packages apply and these are found in our online quoting system by selecting “Commercial Window Cleaning” followed by “Large Commercial Building”

Did you know that our 20% Regularity Discount carries between services? So, if your business qualifies by having your windows cleaned every 4 weeks or less, then you will also have that discount applied if and when you need any of our other services as well!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets within commercial settings get heavily used and require regular professional cleaning to ensure that they last a long time and are also contributing to a healthy work environment. Carpets naturally absorb particles from the air and thus act as an air filter. Unfortunately, since they are also trodden underfoot, they tightly hold onto all sorts of impurities and create a breeding ground for mites. Dirty carpets are a major trigger for respiratory issues and allergies. In the office context where people spend 40 hours of their week within this environment, it is critically important regular planned maintenance is in place to promote good health for all. 

All of our carpet cleaning products are hypoallergenic and are designed with the wellbeing of those with respiratory issues in mind. As professional and experienced commercial cleaners of carpets, we are able to offer competent advice if such issues are a concern. 

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Packages – The Right Package for Your Business Can Change Over Time

Our carpet cleaning packages ensure clear communication about the way that your carpets are being cared for. Given the regular nature of commercial carpet cleaning, the needs of your facilities may change over time. For example, if this is the first clean that your carpets have had in over 24 months, then perhaps a more thorough cleaning is required. The next time around, however, you may be able to drop down to the package below as it is more of maintenance clean. Whatever the case, you should consider whether carpet fabric protection is a good option for your premises so as to preserve your carpets and promote longevity. 

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning 

Like sponges, the couches in reception waiting rooms and the chairs around a conference table absorb the sweat and oils from their occupants. Furniture is generally shared, but especially in a commercial setting. Yet, unlike most other surfaces that are given regular cleaning attention, upholstery is often overlooked. 

Adding our upholstery cleaning process to your regular cleaning schedule provides peace of mind. Unlike many commercial cleaners, Ballarat Cleaning Specialists focus on just a few services, and within these services we have depth of knowledge and experience. 

Our Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Packages

As with all of our commercial cleaning services, we aim to empower you to select the service that suits your needs and then strive to take that entire problem off your plate. By wrapping your head around these issues once, we can then create a cleaning rotation that is “set and forget” so that these issues are taken care of without any additional hassles. 

Below are the packages that we offer for commercial upholstery cleaning.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial roofs provide a fantastic opportunity to contribute to electricity production by means of solar panels. However, in all too many cases, a clear cleaning schedule is not put in place and so the panels are left to collect dust and lower their output before their time. 

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists have the equipment and training to properly take care of the cleaning of these valuable assets. We are your local and trusted solar panel cleaners.

Our Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Packages – Tap or Purified?

The two options that we present for solar panel cleaning differ in the nature of the water. With the first, we simply use normal tap water, and this can achieve good results. With the second, we run that tap water through a deionising resin filter, the advantage of which is that since that water is so chemically imbalanced, impurities from the solar panels are strongly attracted to it. Thus, the water becomes an even more powerful cleaning agent. Once the solar panels are cleaned, this water is then used to rinse the panels down and, with purified water this results in a clean sheet of water that leaves nothing behind when it evaporates. By contrast, normal tap water leaves behind water markings that may then form the template for the next layers of dust or pollen to build on.

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