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Ballarat Cleaning Specialists are proud to provide a top quality service to hundreds of individual domestic and commercial customers in the Ballarat area. We don’t just want you to be happy with our service; we want you to be thrilled! Our local team are professionals, focused on redefining customer service excellence. We want you to feel the difference of a truly unique and service focused customer experience. We’re not just really considerate of your home and generally nice to be around, we also clean things! We can tailor our services to optimally meet your needs and budget – we’re really quite helpful!

Streak Free Window Cleaning

Expert Window Cleaning In Ballarat for homes, offices, shop fronts and large commercial buildings

Nano Coating Glass Protection

Removal of Hard Water Staining and Protection of Glass Fencing, Balustrades, Windows & Shower Glass

ACRA Certified Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Ballarat for proper care & maintenance of high quality carpets

ACRA Certified Upholstery Cleaning

Ballarat Specialist Upholstery Cleaning for individual domestic items through to full services of hotels or function centres

Output Optimising Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Experts In Ballarat from domestic arrays to solar farms

TFCS Certified Tile & Grout Cleaning (coming soon)

Premium Tile & Grout Cleaning for Ballarat homes, offices and commercial settings

Living room, Garden

Our specialty is not just cleaning; most importantly it’s redefining customer service excellence. We know that what really counts is great quality service from people who care about the little things too. So we will not only provide you with the best quality clean, but most importantly the highest calibre of service – here’s how:

We’re Weird, But in a Good Way! Here’s How We Are Redefining Customer Service Excellence:

  1. We don’t let you pay us until you are happy with the job. (Seriously, this is how our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee works! More on our About Us page.)
  2. We don’t believe you when you say that you are happy with the job. So we follow up with a quality call just to check! (This is one way that we run towards problems, not away from them. If something isn’t right, then we want to know.) Often times, the thing that a client isn’t happy with is very minor and they would likely not mention it (or feel silly brining it up – such as one streak visible on one window at 1:30 p.m when the sun hits it just so). By making quality calls, we invite you to be completely happy with your service; we ask if there were any issues at all. This can prompt even the “don’t want to make a fuss” types feel comfortable to bring up that little niggling thing and feel heard when we actively resolve it. Naturally we aim to get it right the first time, but we would rather check, just to be sure.  
  3. We scare our customers with our punctuality. We actually arrive when we say that we will. If for some strange reason we are running late, we communicate that to you with as much notice as we can. We respect your time.
  4. We’re not the cheapest and we don’t claim to be. Instead, we offer a premium service experience. You will feel the difference from the moment that we answer the phone until the moment that we complete your high quality clean.

Instant Online Quote

This is How We Ensure You Receive The Best Customer Service Experience

  • Step 1. Quote – There are 4 ways that we can provide you with to-the-dollar pricing: right here on our site, in person, over the phone or from photos. Just pick the one that is most convenient for you! Then you will know exactly how much a service will cost, even if there are unexpected difficulties and the job takes us longer than we had planned – we will not charge you more than we quote.
  • Step 2. Pick a Day & Time – Do mornings or afternoons suit you better? Even with a larger job, we aim to have enough of our skilled specialists on hand to complete the job within either a morning or an afternoon – that way we aren’t in your hair for the whole day.
  • Step 3. Cleaning – We actually arrive when we say that we will. If for some strange reason we are running late, we communicate that to you with as much notice as we can. We respect your time. Then, we get to work and provide a top quality clean.
  • Step 4. Check In – As we are finishing up your clean, we will check in with you to see if you are happy with how everything is looking. If you are not, then we are not yet finished!
  • Step 5. Payment – Only after you have said that you were happy with our work will we accept payment from you. Our default is to email you an invoice and let you pay by bank transfer, but we also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments.
  • Step 6. Quality Call – A few days after your clean, we will make a brief phone call to see if there was anything that we could have done better so that we can improve for next time. Of course, if you have noticed any issues in the interim, we will be straight back out to fix them!
Ballarat Cleaning Specialists - Quality Control Process

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