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How many hours would you wear a pair of pants for before deciding that they were due for a wash? Yet how many hours would you sit on a couch for (or have your friends, pets or children sit on a couch for) in between cleans? The practicality of cleaning upholstery compared to cleaning clothing makes a huge difference on the frequency at which you clean them. But both really get dirty for the same primary reasons – the oil and sweat secreted from our bodies. Cleaning upholstery is very important not only for the longevity of your couch or sofa but also for the health of your family.

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Upholstery is highly porous and will naturally absorb sweat, oil and dirt

Just like a dish sponge, upholstery is by nature very porous and will absorb what it comes into contact with. Unfortunately, this has somewhat of a snowball effect since, as the material absorbs oil from skin, it then holds onto more dust, dirt & pollen whether delivered by air, in person or with the help of a four legged friend. Over time, this can leave your upholstery with a greasy feel and patches of darker colouring. 

Sharing Isn’t Caring

Disgusting though it might be to wear one pair of pants for weeks on end before washing them, that is nothing in comparison to sharing the aforementioned pair of pants with your friends and family. Yet really, that is what happens with upholstery. Is there a solution to this problem though? Surely you can’t have your upholstery cleaned each week!

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Ballarat Cleaning Specialists have a fabric protector especially suited to upholstery that effectively seals off the upholstery fibres preventing them from absorbing impurities and drastically reducing the risk of future spills becoming permanent stains. Best of all, this long lasting protector actually softens the texture of your upholstery, unlike many such protectors that leave the material feeling brittle or plastic-like. By having Ballarat Cleaning Specialists apply fabric protection, you will then be able to maintain a much higher standard of cleanliness with your upholstery since the majority of impurities will now remain superficial and can easily be vacuumed away.

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