Got Kids, Pets or Friends? Use Carpet Protector!

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

No household is impervious to the occasional accident – especially if there are kids, pets or frequent gatherings being held at the house!

And yet, there’s nothing worse than when a spillage that was entirely avoidable becomes a permanent fixture of your household, in the form of an ugly stain that irritates you every time it catches your eye.

So how do you throw parties without constantly stressing about your carpeting, or enjoy a carefree environment at home without yelling at your kids every time they spill something, or scolding your pets when they track dirt into the house?

While there’s no way to completely protect your carpeting against every single threat (something like turmeric, for example, is a particularly intense substance that you want to avoid getting on your carpet at all costs); it’s worth investing in the longevity of your carpets, with our highly effective carpet protector.

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How does carpet protector work, and what are the benefits?

In a nutshell, carpet protector significantly reduces the chances of spills becoming permanent stains.

At Ballarat Cleaning Specialists, our carpet protector applies a coating to the outside of the fibres, which makes it difficult for particles to stick to them. It also blocks the miniscule cracks and pores that develop in the carpet fibres over time, and this helps to prevent liquid, soil and other contaminants from absorbing into the fibre itself.

We’re all familiar with those dark tracking lanes that you often see in carpet. These are the result of solid particles sticking to the carpet and serving as an abrasive, or working their way into the very fibre of the carpeting. Our carpet protector puts an invisible barrier between solid particles and the fibres, preventing wear and tear while also making it much easier to remove oil and water-based spills.

How does the carpet look and feel after applying carpet protector?

Unlike many other inferior products, Ballarat Cleaning Specialists’ tried-and-tested carpet protector leaves the texture of your carpeting feeling as soft as before (or even softer!), rather than brittle or plastic-like.

The appearance remains the same, except now your carpet has a strong line of defence against the inevitable accidents that occur in a lively household. Applying the carpet protector is a quick and easy process, carried out by our own qualified and experienced professionals for affordable prices.

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