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Nebozuk Carpets

Opened in 1965, Nebozuk Carpets is one of the oldest and most trusted carpet retailers in the region. Nebozuk Carpets pride themselves on their knowledge, service, quality and confidence in the products they sell. Being family run and owned, Nebozuk’s guarantee expert advice and friendly service. In store, you will also find Philip Batch Furniture, run by Nebozuk Carpet’s owner Philip Batch. A love of fine furniture has been in the Batch family since 1868, when Philip’s great-great-grandfather first made and sold furniture in Ballarat. Today, you won’t find a more wonderful family run flooring and furniture specialist anywhere else.

 03 5331 1393


Handy Girl


Performing a wide range of home & yard maintenance works, Handy Girl provide opportunities for women to work in roles that benefit Ballarat locals, especially the vulnerable. Handy Girl are NDIS registered and provide supportive services to those who cannot take care of things like mowing, gardening, cleaning or around the home repairs on their own.

03 5339 8611





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