Is it Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning

What is the value of having your carpets cleaned professionally as opposed to DIY? 

5 reasons that professional carpet cleaning is of great value

1. Health

By their nature, carpets act as air filters. They occupy the floor where everything falls to and is trodden on and they are  made up of porous fibers that absorb and hold onto everything from dust and dirt, to grease and odours. Here is an article that goes into more detail on the health benefits of carpet cleaning, but given how much time you and your family spend in your home, it is very beneficial to your health to regularly have your carpets professionally cleaned.


2. Quality of Cleaning

“Okay,” you may say, “my carpets need to be cleaned, but surely I could do that myself.” Yes, you could hire a carpet cleaner and do the work yourself, but you cannot get the same results as with professional carpet cleaning. Such machines available for hire simply are not comparable with professional carpet cleaning equipment. They do not have nearly as much power to provide the suction required to draw out impurities from the depths of your carpet fibers. They also do not come with the calibre of chemicals that professional carpet cleaners utilize. To top this off, the operator has little to no experience at cleaning carpets. 


3. Risk of Damage

In light of this last point about experience, the risk of damaging your carpets by cleaning them yourself is significantly higher than if you have them professionally cleaned. Also, if an insured professional damages your carpets, then they and their insurance will pay for said damage. One of the most common ways that carpets are damaged by inexperienced operators is by “over wetting” the carpets. Unfortunately, there is a natural tendency towards over wetting carpets when using low powered hired carpet cleaners because, in an effort to improve the results that you are getting, it seems logical to go over the carpets repeatedly and to try soaking badly stained areas. This can not only cause odours and permanent damage to the carpets, but it can also cause an inconsistent finish, with some areas of the carpet looking lighter than other areas. 


4. Financial Return

Carpets are expensive, even cheap ones. It is pretty much a universal rule that maintenance is cheaper, easier and better than replacement. Neglecting a carpet will shorten its lifespan and increase colour fading and textural decay. Because some of the impurities within your carpets are hard, such as particles of gravel or sand, as you walk on them and tread these into the carpet over time, the carpet fibers are constantly being abraided and will wear down. Replacing 60 square meters of carpet with the cheapest option on the market (polypropylene) would cost about $4600 as a minimum. If you wanted to do the same area with an optimal blend carpet you could be expecting to pay in excess of $11 000. It is in your best interests to maintain your carpets and prolong those replacement costs.


5. Play to Your Strengths

Basically, your carpets need cleaning and you’re not the person for the job. But that’s great news, because you can take that time and energy that you don’t need to put into cleaning your carpets and put it into something else that you are the right person for! Give yourself a rest and let us do what we do best – you’ll be glad that you did. 

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