How to Defeat House Dust Mite Allergies

by | Nov 4, 2021 | General Cleaning

Dust mite allergies aren’t fun. Not only are dust mites impossible to completely eradicate, but the fact that they infest our homes makes it very difficult to ignore if you suffer from dust mite allergies.

However, with some tried and tested home cleaning tips, you can mitigate the problem and enjoy some well-deserved allergy relief from these microscopic eight-legged critters.


#1 – Carpet cleaning for dust mites

Carpets provide the ideal habitat for dust mites, especially if the carpeting is laid over concrete. Why? Concrete retains moisture, and this results in a humid environment that allows dust mites to thrive. Replacing your carpets with tiles, wood, linoleum or vinyl is a sure-fire way to remove dust mites.

If this isn’t an option though, be sure to vacuum your carpets frequently, as this will remove dust that has settled on the surface. While this doesn’t completely solve the issue, it will help to reduce the severity of your dust mite infestation.

Ideally, you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Steam cleaning your carpets will remove dust mites, as the vapours from the hot water penetrate deep into the carpet’s fibres and eliminate any contaminants. Research shows that professional carpet cleaning can reduce the amount of dust mites in the carpet by 87%.

#2 – How to clean dust mites from your mattress

The best way to remove dust mites from your mattress without resorting to chemical methods (which can potentially exacerbate your allergies further) is either by steam cleaning or the use of ultraviolet light.

Having said that, both of these techniques serve as short-term solutions and you may find yourself experiencing the same dust mite problem within a month or two. The most effective method is to have your mattress professionally cleaned by a qualified expert using purpose-designed, eco-friendly cleaning products.

As for the rest of your bedding, be sure to equip yourself with allergen-proof bed covers, made of tightly-woven fabrics. By washing your sheets, blankets, pillowcases and bedcovers at warm temperatures on a weekly basis, you can alleviate dust mite infestation and enjoy a more peaceful sleep each night.

#3 – Declutter, clean with damp materials and minimise humidity in the house

It might be worth investing in a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in the air throughout your home. When it comes to standard household cleaning, be sure to use a damp rap instead of a dry one, as this will collect dust from surfaces rather than simply dislodging it into the air and having it resettle somewhere else.

Other small tips include buying machine washable stuffed toys for your kids, and removing clutter from the bedroom, as these objects will simply collect dust and attract dust mites, irritating your allergies and preventing you from getting a decent night’s sleep.


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