How Ballarat Cleaning Specialists Can Rejuvenate Your Upholstery (and keep it cleaner for longer)

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Ballarat Cleaning Specialists provide a deep upholstery clean by utilizing hot water extraction cleaning. Here is the specific process that we use to get great results.


Steps 1 & 2

We begin with a thorough vacuum of the fabric and then, depending on which of our upholstery cleaning packages you select, we apply a specialised pre-spray treatment to loosen up impurities from within the upholstery fibres. 

Step 3

We then move onto the steam cleaning where hot water with the appropriate detergent is sprayed into the fabric of your upholstery to break down the bonds between impurities and your upholstery fibres. Then, the water along with the impurities is vacuumed back up into our machine. Each time we repeat this portion of the process is called a “pass” and, as you can see in the table below, our upholstery cleaning packages are either single, double or triple pass. With each pass, more and more impurities will be removed from your upholstery with diminishing returns. 

Step 4

Depending on the upholstery cleaning package that you choose, we then work to treat any remaining stains that, up until this point, are still visible. Upholstery can be quite finicky, and as such we are unable to guarantee that any given stain will be completely removed. However, selecting a package which includes the individual treatment of stains will give us the best chances of successfully ridding your upholstery of difficult stains. 

Step 5

In our BCS Platinum Package, we then apply a sweet spiced odour neutralizing fragrance along with a specially formulated fabric protector. This fabric protector not only makes for easier future spot cleaning and prevents spills from becoming permanent stains, but also has a softening effect on the fabric itself, unlike many cheaper products that can leave your upholstery with a plastic-like brittle texture.

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