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The best clients to work for

Okay bosses to work for (we try!)

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Enjoy the satisfaction of a highly visual job well done! Let us know when you are available, and we can work towards filling your dream work schedule.

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You Will

  • Set your own schedule for work availablity to fit around other committments in your life.
  • Work directly with customers, constantly meeting new people & working in new places
  • Be trained to provide elite level customer service on both an interpersonal level and a technical level
  • Be responsible for your own quality control and time management


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion & energy (zest for life)
  • Taking responsibility & displaying initiative
  • Great eye for detail & understanding of expectations
  • Positive attitude towards clients, the team & your work
  • Driver’s license

How to Apply

Please Read Carefully to the End Before Applying

1. You read this job ad and it piques your interest

2. You read the below application information in full (read to the end of this list first though)

3. After you have read the application information, you call 03 4311 1741 for a brief phone interview via voicemail (it’s your details and one question – nothing to stress about)  IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER ONCE AND ONLY AFTER HAVING WATCHED THE VIDEO, OTHERWISE YOU WILL DISQUALIFY YOURSELF – Not yelling just don’t want you to miss this point.

4. Fill out the job application form below (you will then be sent some other boring but necessary paperwork & an assessment)

5. We will call you to arrange an interview either in person or via Zoom 

6. You start working with us

7. You tell your friends how awesome it is and that they should work here too

8. Your friends come and work here and you earn a sweet referral bonus – for each one!

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Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Ballarat Cleaning Specialists. We really value each member of our team and are therefore quite selective about who we hire so as to ensure that every addition to our team has a positive impact. Since you are a bubbly positive person, the sort that doesn’t sweat the small stuff, we are confident that this will be a good fit for you. So, the next step below is your voicemail interview. For this, just relax, be yourself and please spell out your email address so that we definitely get it right. There is only one question in the voicemail interview, and whilst it is a very deep and philosophical question, we are not looking for a “right” or “wrong” answer. Another key element of who we are looking for is, as mentioned above, attention to detail. That’s why we’ve popped a little code word in this body of text – see, we told you that you needed to read this! Now you’re ahead of anyone who just skipped past it. Now, the code word makes a lot more sense if you saw our job ad on Facebook, but if you’ve come from Indeed or elsewhere on the web; welcome. The code word is “fluffy monster.” Include this code word into your voicemail interview – bonus points if you are able to weave it into your answer, but if not, don’t stress at all, just make sure you include it so that we know that you are awesome and that you read this! Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you! 

step three

Make Your Voicemail Interview Call - Be Yourself & Have Fun with it!

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Job Application Form

Once You've Completed Steps 1-4, We'll be in Touch to Arrange Steps 5-8

Thanks for your interest in joining our team!