Operations Firefighter 

Edify Your Team

Edify Yourself

Edify Your Customers

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This role requires you to exert yourself, to aim up and to strive for growth so that you can bring out the best in the people around you. 

Cleaning Operations Firefighter kneeling with a mop in a cleaning storeroom

Are You Ready for The Challenge?

Your role with will be pivotal in creating stability and fostering the edifying environment needed to take our small family business to the next level.

It will be a challenge. 

Since we are a growing business and this is a new role to us, we haven’t done this before. There will be structural refinements that need to be made. Also, you will be coming into the business “as it is” and working with us to build it to “what it could be.”

This will mean ironing out the kinks, putting out some fires (hopefully all metaphorical), bearing with your bosses (those guys are the worst…) and being patient with the team as a whole during a season of growth and transition.

Having said that, we will support you, we will work with you and we empower you to succeed. You won’t be just a number here on our small growing team. Your work will be appreciated and you will see the results of your work having a meaningful impact on the work and lives of those around you. Once you accept this job,  it becomes our job to ensure that you were right in making this excellent decision.

So, that’s it, the good and the bad. We want to clearly lay this all out ahead of time so that we can smoke out any prospective candidates that won’t be a good fit. The road ahead contains dust, potholes, sharp turns and in prone to sudden fires. So, are you ready to join the team, get in the truck & fight the (figurative) fires?

You Will

  • Work directly with customers and learn operational processes of the business from the team
  • Be trained to provide elite level customer service on both an interpersonal level and a technical level
  • Be trained in professional carpet, upholstery & tile cleaning techniques
  • Learn to clean windows like a ninja
  • Get commissions on sales in addition to your base salary of $60 000 (& we don’t do cheesy, sleazy or greasy sales at Ballarat Cleaning Specialists – so you’ll only make sales by helping people, the happy, friendly, “thanks-for-solving-this-problem-for-us” kind of sales)
  • Be responsible for team management through leadership by example and empowering those around you to perform optimally


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion & energy (zest for life)
  • Taking responsibility & displaying initiative
  • Management/leadership experience preferred
  • Driver’s license required
  • If you are an energetic, positive person looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then we would love to hear from you.

How to Apply

Please Read Carefully to the End Before Applying

1. You read this job ad and it piques your interest

2. You watch the below video in full (read to the end of this list first though)

3. After you have watched the video, you call 03 4311 1741 for a brief phone interview via voicemail (it’s your details and one question – nothing to stress about)  IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER ONCE AND ONLY AFTER HAVING WATCHED THE VIDEO, OTHERWISE YOU WILL DISQUALIFY YOURSELF – Not yelling just don’t want you to miss this point.

4. Fill out the job application form below (you will then be sent some other boring but necessary paperwork & an assessment)

5. We will call you to arrange an interview either in person or via Zoom 

6. You start working with us

7. You tell your friends how awesome it is and that they should work here too

8. Your friends come and work here and you earn a sweet referral bonus – for each one!

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Make Your Voicemail Interview Call - Be Yourself & Have Fun with It!

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Job Application Form

Once You've Completed Steps 1-4, We'll be in Touch to Arrange Steps 5-8

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!