Why Choose Ballarat Cleaning Specialists?

Ballarat Cleaning Specialists are professional Carpet, Upholstery, Window & Solar Panel Cleaners in Ballarat, focusing on redefining customer service excellence. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, in fact, we don’t even let you pay us until you have told us that you are happy with the service that you received! Then, even after we have invoiced you for the work that you have told us you were happy with, we make a quality call just to check in and make sure that you haven’t seen anything since that point that you might be less than satisfied with.

Window Cleaning

Expert Window Cleaning In Ballarat

Glass Protection

Protection of Glass Panels & Windows

Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Ballarat

Upholstery Cleaning

Ballarat Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Experts In Ballarat

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This is How We Ensure You Receive The Best Customer Service Experience

  • Step 1. Quote – There are 4 ways that we can provide you with to-the-dollar pricing: right here on our site, in person, over the phone or from photos. Just pick the one that is most convenient for you! Then you will know exactly how much a service will cost, even if there are unexpected difficulties and the job takes us longer than we had planned – we will not charge you more than we quote.
  • Step 2. Pick a Day & Time – Do mornings or afternoons suit you better? Even with a larger job, we aim to have enough of our skilled specialists on hand to complete the job within either a morning or an afternoon – that way we aren’t in your hair for the whole day.
  • Step 3. Cleaning – We actually arrive when we say that we will. If for some strange reason we are running late, we communicate that to you with as much notice as we can. We respect your time. Then, we get to work and provide a top quality clean.
  • Step 4. Check In – As we are finishing up your clean, we will check in with you to see if you are happy with how everything is looking. If you are not, then we are not yet finished!
  • Step 5. Payment – Only after you have said that you were happy with our work will we accept payment from you. Our default is to email you an invoice and let you pay by bank transfer, but we also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments.
  • Step 6. Quality Call – A few days after your clean, we will make a brief phone call to see if there was anything that we could have done better so that we can improve for next time. Of course, if you have noticed any issues in the interim, we will be straight back out to fix them!
Ballarat Cleaning Specialists - Quality Control Process

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